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Sara Farhat Jarrar (MS, LDN)

Born in Minnesota, USA, to an American mother and Lebanese father, I ended up growing up in Lebanon where I attended both school and university. After graduating from high school, I followed my nutrition passion and completed my undergraduate studies in Nutrition and Dietetics at the American University of Beirut (AUB), receiving my dietetics and nutrition license afterwards. I then continued on to pursue my graduate studies in Nutrition and Dietetics at the AUB, after which I was recruited as a nutrition research assistant by the former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the AUB. During my four years of work at the AUB, my research revolved around several projects, including coordinating a national study that investigated the nutritional status and dietary intake of the Lebanese population. I also contributed to the development of food-based dietary guidelines for the Lebanese people, as well as the development and dissemination of a nutrition education manual for pregnant women and mothers of young children.

In 2014, I moved back to the USA and settled in Minnesota with my husband. Since then, I have turned to becoming a proud stay-at-home mom of two daughters. Still a nutritionist at heart, I have done freelance nutritional counselling over the past years, while focusing much of my time on the research, write-up, and photography of my first book.

I love helping people improve their overall health and wellbeing, especially in the context of healthy eating and cooking, as well as following a healthier lifestyle. I hope my website offers you much needed resources to help increase your nutrition awareness and help you make better nutrition and lifestyle choices and changes.

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